Yumiko Izu

Secret Garden Noir 39, 2007

Yumiko Izu studied at the Visual Arts School in her hometown of Osaka, Japan. After moving to the United States, she received a B.F.A. degree from the Brooks Institute of Photography in California. In 1998 she relocated to New York City and started working on various assignments in advertising and editorial photography. She began her professional fine art photography career in 2003 – using an 8 x 10 camera and the platinum/palladium printing process – and began producing large-scale pigment prints in 2008.

Yumiko is a recipient of the 2007 Photographers' Fellowship from the Center for Photography at Woodstock. Many pieces from the Secret Garden series have been collected and displayed by Ralph Lauren. She has published several monographs including Secret Garden (2013) and Resonance (2016). Yumiko currently lives and works in Rhinebeck, NY.