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Press Release

Howard Greenberg Gallery is pleased to announce New York in Color, an exhibition of photographs by artists including: Bruce Davidson, Ernst Haas, Saul Leiter, Helen Levitt, Joel Meyerowitz, Marvin Newman, and numerous others.  The exhibition captures the visual spirit of New York through a wide array of vibrant, romantic, graphic, and consistently colourful images that describe the city in ways not achievable through a monochromatic palette. It was not until the 1950s that color film offered an accessible artistic medium; prior to that time color photography was a medium primarily confined to fashion, advertising and low quality family snapshots.  In fact, there was resistance to color photography in the artistic community and a distinct bias against its use by many in the field. But over the next few decades, as the visual environment of New York increased in intensity as a result of the convergence of commerce and technology, advances in color photography kept pace and a new acceptance for the medium evolved.  Many photographers began to experiment with color and the results were striking.