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Gordon Parks - Harlem - Lumiere Press

The Artist’s Annotations On a City Revisited in Two Classic Photographic Essays

Renowned in the history of American photography as the first black photojournalist at LIFEMagazine, Gordon Parks turned his camera to the American experience as he knew it and created documents of acuity and compassion that endure as definitions of his time. Nowhere is this more potently revealed than in his work in Harlem.

Gordon Parks: Harlem focuses on two landmark essays: Harlem Gang Leader (1948) and A Harlem Family (1968). In interviews conducted by Michael Torosian, Parks recalls the evolution of the essays, the mechanics of working on a story for LIFE, and the lives of the people he documented. The interviews are suffused with Parks' personal history, aesthetic and cultural development, and perspective on the city whose life he chronicled.


Pages: 53
Edition of 200
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 inches
Publisher: Lumiere Press
Publication Date: 1997


Available from the gallery for $500