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Witness 299, 2013

Witness 299, 2013

Dan Solomon (b. 1957) was born in New York City and studied English and History at Columbia University. After college, Danny started collecting photography and built an eclectic collection of 250 photograph ranging from the beginnings of photography through contemporary art that is now at the National Gallery of Art. He also has curated many exhibitions both historical (Muybridge, Stieglitz, Atget) and contemporary exhibitions like Surveying the Terrain focusing on artists who use photography. He has also established a publishing imprint that publishes artist’s books with artists including Idris Khan, Giorgia Valli, and Jungjin Lee. 


In his own artistic practice Danny is interested in conceptual art and appropriation. In 2013, his photographic series, Witness, was presented along with the work of Andy Warhol, Vik Muniz, and Louise Lawler at The International Center of Photography as part of an exhibition of artists using imagery related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy to accompany an exhibition JFK November 22, 1963 A Bystander’s View of History. Brian Wallace, Chief Curator at ICP writes:


In this installation, artist Dan Solomon appropriates and blurs images from historical source materials to explore the nature of photography and memory. Bystanders extracted from the background of Abraham Zapruder’s home movie of the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, serve as silent and innocent witnesses to the violent events that unfolded before them that day. Isolated from their original contexts, these shadowy figures become metaphors for the limits of memory and the di culties of close looking. Contemplating their ethereal forms invites many thoughts: how memories are shaped by pictures, how eyewitnesses respond and adjust to events, how unreliable the camera is as an accurate record of reality, and how the meaning of representations change with time.


Solomon’s Witness series is part of Nazraeli Press’ One Picture Book Series. He is currently working on a series of sculptures that incorporate photographs and a performance piece that revolves around curating and collecting vernacular photographs.