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An Italian Perspective / Una prospettiva italiana


February 3 - March 17, 2012

Press Release

Howard Greenberg Gallery is pleased to announce An Italian Perspective/Una prospettiva italiana, the inaugural project/exhibition at Howard Greenberg Gallery Two. Produced in collaboration with Studio La CITTÀ (Verona), An Italian Perspective/Una prospettiva italiana draws on an important chapter of Italian photography, focusing on four of the leading protagonists from the 1970s to present: Luigi Ghirri (1943-1992), Gabriele Basilico (b.1944), Massimo Vitali (b.1944) and Vincenzo Castella (b.1952). The exhibited works represent a break in the history of Italian photography, where the artists rejected their identification with the narration, creativity, or linguistic analysis of the preceding generation. “The disappearance of the ‘author’ is characteristic of this generation,” wrote Ghirri of Castella, relying on “a total faith in leaving the greatest communicative potential to photography without the coercion of any other strategies.” Ghirri’s statement applies to the four artists, who each take a conceptual approach in creating their representations: Ghirri depicts landscapes as surreal artificial constructs; Basilico focuses on urban edges and outskirts; Castella uses high vantage points to create impersonal panoramas of indistinguishable cities, while the architecture of place is the dominant subject in Vitali’s socio-landscapes.