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Art Sinsabaugh: An American Perspective

Main Gallery

November 7 – December 13, 2003

Press Release

Howard Greenberg Gallery proudly presents an exhibition of photographs by Art Sinsabaugh, the teacher and photographer who fostered new interest in landscape as subject-matter through his wide format photographs of the American rural and urban landscape. Born in New Jersey in 1924, Sinsabaugh moved to the mid-West in 1949 to study and later teach at Chicago’s legendary Institute of Design. Together with photographers such as Lázló Moholy-Nagy and Harry Callahan, Sinsabaugh experimented with photographic innovations within a visual framework that was influenced by design principles. He began photographing the mid-West landscape with a standard size camera in 1952, but developed his signature style almost a decade later whilst teaching at the University of Illinois. Among the photographs in this exhibition are those taken in Illinois and Indiana with a large format banquet camera that enabled Sinsabaugh to work with twelve by twenty inch sheet film. The resulting images were detailed, ribbon-like panoramas that reveal more than the human eye can see. Sinsabaugh used the camera to explore the relationship between humanity and the land, combining wide horizons with telegraph poles, farm dwellings, trees, pylons, cityscapes, massive rivers and corduroy-like ploughed fields in one fell swoop.