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Press Release

Howard Greenberg Gallery is pleased to present Beyond Words: Photography in The New Yorker, curated by Elisabeth Biondi, the former visuals editor of the magazine.The New Yorker Magazine began to publish photographs in 1992, under the editorial direction of Tina Brown.  At that time, the only staff photographer the magazine employed was Richard Avedon. The first Avedon photograph that the magazine ran was his iconic 1963 portrait of Malcolm X. The exhibition opens with this photograph and from that, an enlightening, visual history of photography in the magazine ensues. In 1996, Elisabeth Biondi arrived at The New Yorker with a mandate to expand the presence of photography in the magazine.  She contracted a small group of photographers to shoot on a regular basis, employed numerous others on an occasional basis and drew from a multitude of esoteric, often historical sources to locate images that richly illustrate the magazine’s multi-faceted content.  For fifteen years, Biondi presented photographs that heightened the experience of reading the articles for which the magazine has been respected, treasured and enjoyed.