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Family: Photographs from Home

Main Gallery

March 11 – April 30, 2005

Press Release

Howard Greenberg Gallery presents FAMILY: Photographs from Home, featuring the work of eight twentieth century photographers who have looked to their families as subject and inspiration. These are images made with trust and generosity, revealing what are often the most personal and carefully guarded moments to illuminate shared and binding experiences. The intimacy and immediacy of these photographs results not only from living with the constant presence of a camera, becoming as familiar as the parent or spouse behind the lens, but also from the affection that fills each frame, offering us the privilege of looking through the front door and over these artists’ shoulders. The exhibition opens with a group of photographs by Robert Frank dating from the 1950s, following the early years of his marriage to his first wife Mary and the birth of their children. Made immediately preceding his epic work The Americans, they carry a palpable warmth, revealing the tenderness and intimacy of a young family.