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Frank Gohlke: One Thing and Another

Main Gallery

March 23 – May 5, 2012

Press Release

Howard Greenberg Gallery is pleased to present – One Thing and Another – an exhibition of work by leading American landscape photographer, Frank Gohlke. The exhibition features Ten Minutes in North Texas, a project 16 years in the making, which continues Gohlke’s exploration of his native Texas which has been a major touchstone throughout his career. Inspired by the inescapable Texas horizons, Gohlke wanted to make photographs that captured their quiet beauty. He began the project in 1995 by photographing a particular landscape from the same angle ten minutes apart, only realizing the final prints in 2011. The understated, quiet diptychs express the importance of “place” and the continual observation of how we live and build our lives surrounded by the natural world. Gohlke notes, “Place has been central to my work because it is in places that I find materials I can shape into the dimensions of my inner life.”