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Jacques Henri Lartigue: A New Paradise

Main Gallery

September 11 – October 24, 2009

Press Release

It is with great pleasure that the Howard Greenberg Gallery presents A New Paradise, a comprehensive exhibition of photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue and the first New York exhibition of his work since 2000. Born in France in 1894, Lartigue made his first photograph when he was six years old. Imbued with unadulterated glee, Lartigue’s early photographs record and reflect the joie de vivre of fashionable upper class French society during the Belle Epoque.  His most famous images depict pre-World War I Europe, especially moving cars, airplanes, and other machines. Fascinated with movement and the changing, modernized world, he quickly learned to infuse his elegant and idealized imagery with a new sense of vigor. Though it would take more than half a century for Lartigue to receive world-wide recognition, he is arguably one of the most important visionaries of early 20th century photography.