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Tom Arndt: Minnesota

South Gallery

June 23 - August 25, 2006

Press Release

Tom Arndt was born in Minneapolis. He has been photographing urban environments for over 30 years. Unlike those photographers who focus on the fringes of society, Arndt says he is interested in the mainstream: “I’m a common man and I photograph common people”. The subjects in his photographs, however ordinary, seem to offer exceptional insights, due to Arndt’s personal vision.  Arndt's career demonstrates the increasing isolation in which street photographers have worked through out the years. Meanwhile, the continuity in his photography has been supplied by those things that were already in place before he took up the medium–the working-class values and politics he inherited from his parents and instilled in his 1995 book Men in America, his love of the Midwest, particularly his native Minnesota, that has resulted in a long friendship and occasional collaboration with Garrison Keillor.