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Arnold Newman: Masterclass Exhibition

The exhibition divides Newman’s career into ten categories; Searches, Choices, Habitats, Lumen, Signatures, Weaving, Fronts, Geometries, Sensibilities and Rhythms. Some are straightforward, such as Geometries where there is clear use of line and shape. Weaving on the other hand, refers to the artist in the photograph becoming an extension of their artwork.


Ewing described these categories as a challenge to the audience;  ‘I prefer to think of the sections as ‘hypotheses’: “Here is how I, the curator, think about Newman’s pictures.” It’s a kind of challenge to the viewer, and I sincerely would like someone to come up to me and say, “Why didn’t you think about a section called ________? And I may reply “Damn it, that’s good, wished I had!”’