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Art Basel presents OVR: Pioneers

Untitled, Subway, New York, 1980

OVR: Pioneers


As part of Art Basel's OVR: Pioneers online exhibtion, on view from Thursday, March 25 thru Saturday, March 27, Howard Greenberg Gallery presents Subway, a selection of rare dye transfer prints made by Bruce Davidson. 


In 1980 the New York City Subway system was run-down and in disrepair. It was then that Bruce Davidson began to photograph it in its entirety. The result was a portrait of the subway as a communal theatre, unpredictable and full of incident. To continue reading and view the show, please visit the online viewing room here.


To read a review by Travis Diehl of the work presented by seven of the participating galleries, including Howard Greenberg Gallery, please visit the Art Basel website here.