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David Seymour CHIM News

Unseen photos of Europe after World War II featured on



There are a number of exhibits in progress: This group exhibit just opened in Paris on the Front Populaire from the 1930s:

   May 18 to July 23 2016 at the Hôtel de Ville de Paris

   '1936, le Front populaire en photographie' 


Solo shows of different aspects of CHIM's work are in various stages of preparation:

1)  June 9-19, 2016, at the Lodz, Poland FotoFestival
     Chim exhibit, curated by Alison Nordstrom 


2) October, 2016, Budapest, Hungary and NYC
    Chim's Children for UNESCO, curated by Carole Naggar


3) February, 2017, Beit Hatefutsoth Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
    Chim Retrospective, with emphasis on Israel, curated by Asaf Galay