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eric lindbloom, cambridge commons, ma, 1978

Swing, Cambridge Commons, MA, 1978

Upon his passing in April of 2020, Eric Lindbloom (1934– 2020) left a sprawling archive of prints, negatives, and books, including copies of monographs, such as his Angels at the Arno (Godine, 1994) and Salt Grass (Lodima Press, 2008), with images from Florence and his annual summer visits to Truro on Cape Cod, respectively. But Eric, a native of Michigan, lived most of his life in Poughkeepsie and photographed settings in the Hudson Valley over and over again. The Archives & Special Collections Library at Vassar College had already collected some of Eric’s Hudson Valley work, including the exquisite publication The River that Runs Two Ways (Brighton Press, 2000), a collaborative project pairing Eric’s photographs with texts by his beloved wife, the poet Nancy Willard (1936–2017). Now Special Collections has deepened Vassar’s holdings of Eric’s work in keeping with the teaching mission of the college, that is, not simply creating an anthology of striking images, but also enabling a view of Eric’s working process....


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There is also a virutal symposium scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 8. This virtual symposium accompanies the Library's online exhibition of the same title. Moderated by Ron Patkus of the Special Collections Library, the program will begin with personal recollections by James Lindbloom and includes presentations by several artists who knew and worked with Eric, including Monica Curch, Michele Burgess, Bill Kelly, and Sasha Bush. There will also be time for questions and comments from the audience.


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