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Gordon Parks Exhibition at Weinstein Gallery

March 25 - May 14, 2016

On Friday, March 25th, Weinstein Gallery will present Invisible Man and Segregation Story, two bodies of work by the internationally celebrated artist, Gordon Parks (1912-2006). This will be the second exhibition of Parks' work at Weinstein Gallery.

By the 1950s, Gordon Parks was a successful photographer, and Ralph Ellison had begun work on his acclaimed novel Invisible Man (1952). It is relatively unknown, however, that the two men were friends and that their common vision of racial injustice inspired collaboration. In 1952, they worked together on "A Man Becomes Invisible" for the August 25th issue of Life Magazine, which promoted Ellison's newly released novel. Photographs from the essay will be presented in this exhibition.

Completed in 1956 and published in Life Magazine in August of the same year, the groundbreaking series Segregation Story documented life in the Jim Crow South era through the experience of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thornton Sr. and their multi-generational family. A selection of over 20 color photographs from the series will be exhibited, highlighting Parks' ability to honor intimate moments of everyday daily life despite the undeniable weight of segregation and oppression.

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