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Howard Greenberg Gallery in 25 pictures

Almost ten years ago in 2007 Howard Greenberg published An American Gallery to celebrate his 25th year in photography. In it he showed 25 photographs drawn from his collection. Howard is a tremendous gallery owner and and a really nice person! This book is a marvel and Howard’s comments, which accompany the pictures, reveal his great passion for photography. Every two weeks for the next year we will serialise the book. Today, this is Fantasia De Luz (c.1930) by Enrique Aznar.


- Jean-Jacques Naudet


Almost ten years ago, in collaboration with Michael Torosian of Lumiere Press, I created a publication to mark the 25th year of my gallery.  At risk of offending several photographers whom I represented and had both loyalty and affection for, I went into my personal collection of photographs for inspiration.  I selected twenty-five (of course) photographs whose content and “story” about how they came to be a part of my collection, might resonate with those who cared to read about them.  With one small page for each image, I attempted to explain why they were important to me.  In the end it’s possible that the book became a primer to the idea of bringing ones unique life experience to the obsessive behavior of collecting.  And having been a serious photographer, as well as a gallerist with access to so many treasures from our history, perhaps my perspective and stories were interesting. - Howard Greenberg