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Howard Greenberg Gallery to Exclusively Represent Estates of Berenice Abbott and Arnold Newman

Howard Greenberg Gallery has announced that the Gallery will be the exclusive representative for the estates of the photographers Berenice Abbott and Arnold Newman.

In 2006, Howard Greenberg Gallery joined with Commerce Graphics to form KG Fine Art on behalf of the estate of Arnold Newman. Ronald Kurtz, the founder of Commerce Graphics, will retire this month and close his gallery, which also represented Berenice Abbott.

“Ron was instrumental in nurturing and promoting the careers of Berenice Abbott and Arnold Newman,” said Howard Greenberg. “It was an enormous pleasure to work with Ron who is both a friend and mentor.”

“There is no one that I would trust more than Howard with the task of preserving and enhancing the legacy of these two artists that are among the greatest in the history of photography,” noted Kurtz. “The opportunity to know and work with Berenice Abbott and Arnold Newman and their art has enriched my life.”

Steidl is continuing to publish a series of books on Berenice Abbott. In the fall of 2013, Paris Portraits, US Route 1, U.S.A., and New York Early Work, 1929-1931, will be published along with several others books on different segments of her career. Ronald Kurtz has acted as co-editor on a number of books on Berenice Abbott.

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