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Joel Meyerowitz, Malaga, Spain, Out of Darkness, Book and Exhibition, Howard Greenberg Gallery, 2019

The exhibition Out of Darkness by Joel Meyerowitz, on view from June 5 - July 31, 2019 includes 98 photographs from the Colección Per Amor a l‘Art, almost all of them taken between 1966 and 1967 in Malaga, where the photographer worked alongside the Escalona family, one of the most prominent Flamenco families in the city.

Since abandoning his work as an editor to become a photographer in 1962, Meyerowitz has become recognized as one of the greatest representatives of street photography. From the start, he used color photography at a time when the predominant tendency was to work in black and white, combining the use of both. He was interested in color because of its capacity to illustrate an era and its proximity to the pictorial surface. This has enabled him to photograph the chaos and immediacy of street life, but also define a new way of seeing that is more paused and centered on the space.
The body of work created in Spain is of great value, reflecting a country in transformation with a difficult social, cultural and political situation marked by the dictatorship. However, his photographs from Malaga show, sometimes even with understated humor, how life finds a way in any circumstance.

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