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Marc Riboud "Cuba 1963" at the Brownstone Foundation

The photographs taken by Marc Riboud in Cuba will be exhibited at the Brownstone Foundation from October 29. to November 27. 2016


This exhibition will relive the great scoop of Jean Daniel and Marc Riboud, gone to visit the island and interview Fidel Castro in 1963. After days of waiting, the night of November 20.-21. 1963, Castro showed up in their hotel room and talked until an early hour. The next day, Marc Riboud gone back to France, Jean Daniel is having lunch with Castro when the phone rings: Kennedy has been assassinated. This interview will be THE scoop of young Jean Daniel and Marc Riboud’s photographs will be published all around the world.


The book Cuba (in French) is published by Editions de la Martinière with texts by Jean Daniel and Marc Riboud, and a foreword by Wim Wenders.