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Now Available on DVD In No Great Hurry - 13 Life Lessons With Saul Leiter

Now Available on DVD:

In No Great Hurry – 13 Lessons In Life With Saul Leiter

IN NO GREAT HURRY is a funny, intimate and moving film, following photographer Saul Leiter (1923 - 2013) as he deals with the triple burden of cleaning an apartment full of memories, becoming world famous in his 80’s and fending off a pesky filmmaker.

Together with contemporaries Diane Arbus and Robert Frank, Saul Leiter is recognized as one of the founders of The New York School of photography of the 1940s and 50s. He could have been lauded as the great pioneer of color photography, but instead he preferred to drink coffee and photograph in his own way, amassing an archive of beautiful work that is now piled high in his New York apartment. Though initially reticent, the self-effacing, and occasionally cantankerous Leiter, welcomes director Tomas Leach into his realm, offering a moving reflection on his life, art and work.

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