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Photographs that speak to one another, all from a female perspective in The Washington post

Excerpt taken from the Washington Post's article by Natalia Jiménez-Stuard.


The wanderings of a street photographer, led by a curious intuition with a camera in hand, can be a solitary experience as the artist’s eye dances between fleeting connections with strangers and light. But when these decisive moments are caught by the press of the shutter, they take on a broader meaning and become lasting impressions of history.


“A Female Gaze,” an exhibition at the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York, explores the work of 12 female street photographers over seven decades. Their piercing perspective cuts through the street armor of everyday life, using the city as a canvas to explore everything from geometric shapes to personal relationships.


To read the full full article, and for more information about the exhibit, visit the Washington Post's website here.