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Recent Press (November 20 - December 10)

Howard Greenberg Gallery


Crave Online

“Art Basel in Miami Beach | Must See Exhibitions”


Travel Mag

“Like a Local: The Best Art Galleries on the Upper East Side”



Berenice Abbott



“Books: Berenice Abbott’s Paris Portraits”



Edward Burtysnky


L’Oeil de la Photographie

“Edward Burtynsky Essential Elements 1981 – 2012 and Salt Pans 2016”


Las Vegas Weekly

“Edward Burtynsky Considers a Petroleum-Drunk Worls in ‘Oil’”


Nevada Public Radio

“Petroleum Gothic: Edward Burtynsky’s Oil at the Barrick Museum”



Imogen Cunningham


OC Weekly

“Bowers Museum Highlights Imogen Cunningham, the Best Female Photographer You’ve Never Heard Of”



Louis Faurer



“Louis Faurer at Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris”



Dave Heath

NY Mag

“See Vintage Photos of the Teens Who Ran Washington Square Park in the 1950s”



Dorothea Lange


“’I am an American’: The Chilling Story of a Dorothea Lange Photograph Taken After Pearl Harbor”



Vivian Maier



“Pre-Fall 2017 Akris”



“Akris Pre-Fall 2017: Photographer Vivian Maier was Albert Kriemler’s pre-fall inspiration”



Joel Meyerowitz

“Last Chance: Joel Meyerowitz at Polka Galerie, Paris”



André Kertész



“Brother Seeing Eye: André Kertész”



Gordon Parks


NY Mag

“The Vogue Photographer Who Took Black America As Seriously As He Took Fashion”



Edward Weston


Time Lightbox

“When Edward Weston’s Photographs Met Walt Whitman’s Prose”





Lillian Bassman, Edwynn Houk Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland (November 18, 2016 – January 14, 2017)

Edward Burtynsky in First Choice II, Galerie Springer, Berlin (December 10, 2016 – February 11, 2017)

Imogen Cunningham, Seen and Unseen: Photographs by Imogen Cunningham, Bowers Museum, Santa Ana (through February 26, 2017)

Saul Leiter, Retrospective, FoMU, Antwerp, Belgium (through January 29, 2017)

Danny Lyon, Conversations with the Dead, Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco (through February 18, 2017)

Josef Sudek, Untitled, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (November 18, 2016 – February 1, 2017)





Walker Evans, Knocking around between money, sex, and boredom: Walker Evans in Havana and New York by Andrew Carnduff Ritchie