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Sarah Moon, Femme Voilee II, 2011  Toned gelatin silver print

Femme Voilee II, 2011

From (The Eye of Photography) -


The new exhibition season of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, which turns 25 this year, opens with ‘Elsewhere Is What Happens’, an exhibition by Sarah Moon (click here to visit the MAMM website). The museum has been collaborating with Sarah Moon since 1998, showcasing seven of her projects during this time.


The new exhibition ‘Elsewhere Is What Happens’ is presented by the museum in its anniversary year as a synopsis of the work of this remarkable French photographer and video artist. The exhibition includes iconic works by the artist, demonstrating all the diversity of her work: portraits, fashion photographs, the ‘Circus’ series, animal portraits, several projects based on Andersen’s classic fairy tales, still lifes, landscapes, industrial photography from recent years, etc.


To read the full article, please visit the Eye of Photography website here



Concurrently, 'At the still point' opens at Fotografiska, NY on October 15. 


Curated by the artist for Fotografiska, At the still point showcases a selection of photographs, films and books produced over the last 30 years.


A fashion photographer with a deeply literary approach to her work, Sarah Moon has the incredible ability to create dream-like, otherworldly photography in both her editorial work and more narrative series. Her distinctive painterly, storybook-esque visual style transports the viewer to a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur among deep color tones, melancholic moods, and abstract shapes.


Highlighted within At the still point is an installation of 46 photographs and 6 fictional obituaries around a film: The Red Thread, based on Bluebeard, or La Barbe Bleue, a French folktale by Charles Perrault published in 1697.


To see a selection of images from the upcoming show, please visit the Fotografiska website here