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This Place at the Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin 
Lindenstraße 9-14 
10969 Berlin 
Tel: +49 (0) 30 259 93 300


On view June 7, 2019 thru January 5, 2020 


From the perspective of twelve international photo artists, This Place approaches the complexity of Israel and the West Bank - the topography, the inhabitants and their everyday lives.


The initiator and photographer Frédéric Brenner describes the approach of his project as a desire to add new artistic motives to the pictorial worlds known from the coverage of the region. He was able to collaborate with many well-known photographers: Wendy Ewald, Martin Kollar, Josef Koudelka, Jungjin Lee, Gilles Peress, Fazal Sheikh, Stephen Shore, Rosalind Solomon, Thomas Struth, Jeff Wall and Nick Waplington.


The total of more than 200 photographs combine to form a multi-layered visual portrait. Issues such as identity, family, home and landscape come into focus, while the Middle East conflict is sometimes more and less visible. The observers are invited by the very different work to get in touch about the heterogeneity of the region.