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Judy Glickman Lauder, Maine, 2016, Howard Greenberg Gallery, 2019

Great photographers see the same world in which we exist, but their artistry is in the perspective, the framing and the context which casts a moment in ways that elude most of us. Judy Glickman Lauder is a great photographer, but part of her unique extraordinary artistry is the “soulfulness” she brings to her work as demonstrated in this exhibition.

There is something more than the faces and objects and places that appear in this exhibition. They are all part of a larger story, a personal thirty-year voyage on which she invites us to join her as she has always photographed that to which she is drawn. Some of the images in this exhibition lace historic and often tragic events with a human filter that urges us to have it all enter our lives as something more than memory. The faces become part of a timeline which surges forward to the future.


Other images catapult us into the exquisite loveliness of our world, encouraging us to find interest, if not joyfully fall in love with the places and objects which we may not have previously beheld the same way as the sensitive eye of the photographer encourages us to focus differently. Together, this exhibition contains an incipient hope that we forge forward into the splendor and possibilities of tomorrow never losing our grasp of the preciousness and power of yesterday.


The journey of this exhibition awaits us.

—Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein


Judy Glickman Lauder: Upon Reflection is currently on view at the Milton J. Weill Art Gallery at the 92nd Street Y.