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Rania Matar - A Girl and Her Room - Umbrage Editions - Howard Greenberg Gallery - 2018

"[What's] most striking about Matar's photography is . . . its balance between the realistic and poetic. She is the documentarian as lyricist, someone who, recording the incongruous, discovers the transcendent." —Mark Feeney, The Boston Globe


Award-winning photographer Rania Matar captures the interior lives of teenage girls and young women in intimate portraits taken within the personal spaces of her subjects' bedrooms. From Spartan cleanliness to chaotic disarray, stark and paint-chipped to clothing-cluttered and graffitied, each room offers an insider's peek into the mind of the girl who lives there, her values, her desires, and her fears. Photographing girls from both the United States and Lebanon, Matar has succeeded in an unbiased documentary that questions what it means to grow from girl to woman and how our identities spill over into our material worlds.



Pages: 128

Size: 9 1/4 x 12 1/2 inches

Publisher: Umbrage Editions 

Publication Date: May 2012

Signed by the artist


Available from the gallery for $55