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Along the Way, Special Edition w/ Print - Mark Citret - Publications - Howard Greenberg Gallery

"Somewhere in the writings of John Steinbeck I remember reading his thoughts about taking to the road, and the sense of wonder and discovery that is woven into the experience. He contrasts the freedom of wandering with the tyranny of a destination. Steinbeck concedes that if it is the catalyst that propels one out the door, a destination can be useful. But once on the road, it loses its importance. The events along the way are what give the journey its meaning. The magic is in allowing the distractions and diversions to point the direction, and following the unanticipated detours as if they were the roads meant to be traveled all along.


This has everything to do with how I feel about the act of photographing, and what my photographs themselves mean to me. I have no intention of them providing the viewer with any answers. Answers are like destinations. They are narrow and effectively end the discussion. Whatever else these photographs might be, I consider them first and last to be the results of detours followed and discoveries made along the way to someplace else."


- From the preface to Along the Way

Mark Citret, 1998


Hardcover in a clothbound clamshell box

64 tritone illustrations

Size: 11 1/2 x 13 inches 

Publisher: Custom and Limited Editions

Publication Date: 1999

Signed with printed, limited to an edition of 300


Available from the gallery for $475