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An American Gallery: Twenty-five Years of Photography - Howard Greenberg Gallery - Publications - Howard Greenberg Gallery

The story of the Howard Greenberg Gallery, vividly chronicled by New York art writer Lyle Rexer; Greenberg's reflections on selected works from his personal collection; and a chronology of the exhibition history of the gallery, have provided an unprecedented canvas on which to merge fine book making and photographic scholarship.

The Howard Greenberg Gallery is distinguished as one of the finest galleries of photography, and Rexer's intimate knowledge of the lore of the New York art scene positions Greenberg as the gallery of "classic photography." Passion and individuality are celebrated in the commemoration of an important gallery and a landmark book from the press.

The centerpiece of the book is a portfolio of 25 masterful photographs drawn from Greenberg's personal collection. Each image is paired with Greenberg's thoughtful assessments and recollections. As characterized by Michael Torosian in his introduction, "The portfolio is the synthesis of erudition and passion, a connoisseur's survey, and it's also a memoir, a look back at some of the touchstones that have made up a collection, a career and a life."


Pages: 98
Edition of 250
Size: 7.9 x 11.1 x 1 inches
Publisher: Lumiere Press
Publication Date: 2007


Out of print and not currently available