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Bill Burke - I want to take pictures, signed special edition with print, 2007

A reprint of Bill Burke's seminal book of the same title first published by Nexus Press in 1987, I Want to Take Picture features black-and-white images which Burke shot during several trips through Southeast Asia in the early 80s, particularly focusing on the after-affects of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. 

'In 1982, years after Viet Nam, I decided to give myself my own Southeast Asia experience. I wanted to make pictures in a place where I didn't know the rules, where I'd be off balance. Friends who had been there recommended Thailand; nice people, easy transportation, good food. Another friend told me that as long as I was going to Thailand I should go see the refugees coming out of Cambodia. He set me up with The International Rescue Committee, which was working at the Thai-Cambodian border.' -Bill Burke, from I Want to Take Picture


Hardbound in black cloth clamshell box
Pages: 64
Size: 15.2 x 11.8 x 1 inches
Publisher: Twin Palms Publishers
Publication Date: August 2007 (Second printing)

Limited to an edition of 35 with a signed print


Available from the gallery for $1,800.00