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Claire Yaffa - Light & Shadow - Aperture Foundation - Howard Greenberg Gallery - 2018

Light & Shadow is a personal meditation by Claire Yaffa on the subtleties of photographic vision. In this monograph, Yaffa, an artist previously known for her documentary work on child abuse, homelessness, and children with AIDS, bridges the gap between the seemingly disparate territories of photojournalism and artistic statement. The connective tissue linking the abstractions presented in this volume and her previous work are similar themes of the fragility of life and perception.

"Often I find it difficult to summon the real me." says Yaffa, "I only know that I am there somewhere, and that I mustn't disappear. While the exposures are taking place I am far away, in another world it seems."

In these quiet moments of introspection, details such as the trace of stippled light on an obscured nude torso or the finely etched veins of a palm frond lead both photographer and viewer to consider the fluctuating boundaries between darkness and epiphany. Jeffrey Beam's clear, imagistic poems are woven throughout these pages, likewise drawing inspiration from botanical forms and allowing for moments of rich contemplation. Gordon Parks, in his introduction to Claire Yaffa's work, praises the artist for her ability to explore the ineffable worlds of shadow and light that challenge photographer and painter alike.



Pages: 64

Size: 10 1/4 x 8 inches

Publisher: Aperture Foundation

Publication Date: 1998


Available from the gallery for $25