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Next Stop New York - Arthur Leipzig - Publications - Howard Greenberg Gallery

Since the 1940s, Arthur Leipzig has been roaming the streets of New York, recording its residents and their myriad activities. His black-and-white photographs of lovers at Coney Island, painters on the Brooklyn Bridge and kids swimming in the East River document the human dimension of New York City. As a photojournalist, he traveled the city day and night, sometimes on assignment, sometimes on his own, but always sensitive to its energy, poverty and poetry, violence and drama. His affection for the city he calls home is manifest in his work, which captured the unvarnished side of life in New York. Focusing on Leipzig's work created in New York, the book also includes other images which capture the daily life of people across the United States. With a selection of approximately 90 photographs, this book presents the work of an important photographer who exemplifies the finest of American photojournalism.



Pages: 111

Size: 11 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches

Publisher: Prestel 

Publication Date: January 2009


Available from the gallery for $30