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Sequence: New York/New Jersey 1990-1993 & Special Edition w/ Print - George Segal - Publications - Howard Greenberg Gallery

Famed sculptor George Segal takes to the streets armed with camera; he writes "I took to walking the streets in New York and New Jersey with a camera loaded with black-and-white film, my head loaded with memories of those marvelous Farm Security Administration photos of weather-beaten walls, bodies, and faces, sprung from the photographers' radical interweaving of social and esthetic theories. ...Both New York and New Jersey felt energetic, jagged, chaotic, fragmented, in continual decay and rebirth, with the glory and sadness of the process evident everywhere. The pleasures of photography equal the pleasures of sculpture and drawing."


Pages: 30
Size: 15 x 12 x 0.75 inches
Publisher: Howard Greenberg Gallery & Umbra Editions
Publication Date:1993


Available from the gallery for $20



Special Edition:

Hardcover in a clothbound clamshell box with drawstring
Signed with print, limited to an edition of 100


Available from the gallery for $650