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Telex Persan - Gilles Peress - Publications - Howard Greenberg Gallery

Telex Persan is an extraordinarily personal document of a public event. The photographs Gilles Peress took over a five-week period during 1979-1980 focus on the seizure of the American embassy and a number of hostages in Teheran by student proxy groups of the new Iranian regime. However, the book forms neither a study nor an analysis of that singular event. Peress' photographs do not purport to tell the story - any story - but are the nearly seismographic record of the photojournalist's perceptions, encounters, and not least, his emotions as he moves through the city and the countryside of a nation in upheaval. Involved one day, alienated the next; insightful in Tabriz, at sea in Qom; attracted to one subject, repelled by another, Telex: Persan beats out the raw rhythms of Iran's dislocations, both historical and individual. 


Softcover with signed and dated black paper wrapping (made specifically for Howard Greenberg Gallery in 2006)
Pages: 104
Size: 10.6 x 15 inches
Publisher: Contrejour
Publication Date: 1984

1st Edition

Signed by the artist


Available from the gallery for $1,500