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ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES - Frédéric Brenner - Publications - Howard Greenberg Gallery

Following more than forty years of photographic storytelling of Jewish life around the world, Frédéric Brenner spent three years exploring Berlin -- a stage for a vast spectrum of expressions and performances of Judaism. In his new photographic essay he portrays individuals -- newcomers, old timers, converts, immigrants and others – who have made Berlin their home or are just passing through. Via a series of fragmentary insights into this incubator of paradox and dissonance, he reflects on conflicting narratives of redemption and gives light to an ever so present absence. Like a shattered mirror, these images offer a polyphonic, sometimes bizarre and disturbing reflection of and on a topography of displacement and estrangement in contemporary human condition, far beyond the story of Berlin or of Jews.



Pages: 168

Size: 11 1/4 x 13 inches

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag

Publication Date: August 2021


Available from the gallery for $65