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Jungjin Lee

Unnamed Road 009, 2011

Jungjin Lee (b. 1961) was born in Korea and began photographing in the early 1980s while a Ceramics major at Hongik University in Seoul and later earned an M.F.A. in Photography from New York University. Known for her laborious and handcrafted photographic work printed on handmade mulberry paper, Lee creates cross-cultural photographic landscapes which intermix techniques and materials of Eastern and Western traditions of both painting and photography.

Lee’s work has been exhibited widely in the United States, Europe, and Korea. Lee has published several books including Desert (2018), Opening (2018), Everglades (2016), Echo (2016), Unnamed Road (2015), Wind (2009), Jungjin Lee (2006), Thing (2005), Desert (2002), On Road/Ocean (2001), Jungjin Lee: Beyond Photography (2000), Wasteland (1997), and Lonely Cabin in a Far Away Island (1988).