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Ralph Eugene Meatyard - An American Visionary - Rizzoli - Howard Greenberg Gallery - 2018

For the last 22 years of his life, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, a practicing optician in Lexington, Kentucky, made pictures that were uniquely photographic and unmanipulated except for his fondness for the directorial mode: props, masks, and posing. These unique images, all made in Kentucky, are mysterious, frightening, and imbued with literary and philosophical allusions. Excellent reproductions accompany essays by his lifelong friends Van Deren Coke and Wendell Berry. Akron Art Museum curator Barbara Tannenbaum analyzes the thematic periods in his work, while David L. Jacobs (University of Houston) discusses Meatyard's working methods and critical reception. Recommended for photography collections.



Pages: 208

Size: 12 x 9 inches 

Publisher: Rizzoli 

Publication Date: August 1991


Available from the gallery for $45