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SIMMANI - Jungjin Lee - Publications - Howard Greenberg Gallery

In her new photo book, SIMMANI, Jungjin Lee presents a masterpiece of rare documentary work created while the working as a photojournalist for the “Deep Rooted Tree” magazine. This series, recorded while filming Ulleungdo for a year in 1987, was composed in the form of a photo essay, and was published in 1998. Thirty-three years later, Jungjin Lee reorganized these photos and reconstructed them, paying homepage to the life of Mr. Chae, an elderly man who cultivated the barren land of Ulleungdo. Lee’s photos and writings mysteriously describe the unfamiliar scenery in imagery piled on one after the other.

Pages: 144
Publisher: IANNBOOKS
Publication Date: June 2021 


Available from the gallery for $65