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Various Artists - The Consolidated Freightways, Inc. Collection - Howard Greenberg Gallery - 2018

Consolidated Freightways, Inc. began acquiring art in 1981, when the corporation moved its headquarters from San Francisco to the Stanford Industrial Park in Palo Alto. Today the collection includes sculpture, paintings and works on paper, but photography is its dominant focus. The photographs span the period from 1929, the year of the company's founding, to the present day. They reflect the corporation's role as a preeminent transportation company and portray the ever-changing American landscape as seen by and large from highway and roads. This catalogue provided an impetus to review the Consolidated Freightways collection and to reflect on the company's original intent of acquiring photographs that document the American landscape. Clearly there are images that, in the strictest sense, record the topography from New York to California. Landscape as a theme has proven to be a fortunate choice; it is narrow enough to keep the collection focused yet expansive enough to allow flexibility. It has become the departure point for an in-depth investigation of land and people. The photographs collected wind their way through the physical and social landscape of the past 50 years. They capture the spirit of specific events, the special moments of people and of place. This catalogue documents acquisitions through march of 1988. It is designed to provide visitors and employees with additional information so they can more fully enjoy the Consolidated Freightways Collection.



Pages: 229

Size: 11 5/8 x 9 inches

Publisher: Consolidated Freightways, Inc.

Publication Date: 1988


Available from the gallery for $20